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Everyone deserves to be able to have the choice to relax and take things slower if they want to as they get older. Pensions are an extremely attractive way of providing for that time of your life –when hopefully you can afford to have just that – the time of your life. There is attractive income tax relief on contributions made to pensions as well other tax advantages in relation to drawing of your pension at retirement. Increases in the value of investments in a pension are not liable to taxes such as capital gains tax or income tax while in the pension. When drawing your pensions at retirement age, there can be an attractive tax-free lump sum available as well as certain other options at that time. Investor Care will take the time to make pensions easy to understand and to advise you on your options and what’s best for you.

In simple terms, pensions can be viewed as saving and investing your money but with some tax savings. Yes, there are certain restrictions and rules that apply to the amount of tax that can be saved, the timing of when you can draw on your pension and the options available at retirement but pensions remain an efficient way to provide for your future and those around you.

We will review your circumstances in a detailed way with you at a pace and in a manner that suits you. We will take the time to ensure that we have established your objectives, your attitude to investment risk and other important factors. We will discuss various options which you can consider so that together, we can determine the most appropriate type of pension arrangement that most suits your objectives. We have agencies with all of the main pension providers in Ireland, so we are in a position to provide you with independent, transparent and quality advice to ensure that you get the best service. We will review your pension with you on a regular basis to ensure that it remains appropriate to your objectives and to your situation on an ongoing basis.

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